OpenXML – Microsoft Word Extension .docx


It is a zipped and xml-based file format. The files of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are using this standard.


.docx is developed by Microsoft and is used since Word 2007. Actually, it follows the OpenXML standard. If you try to unzipped the word file, you could find the xml files in the folders.

For a Word file, Testing.docx

Image 023Image 001


Rename the extension form .docx to .zip and then unzip it

1.Image 002 2. Image 003 3. Image 004


In the Testing folder, you could find the a list of  xml as following

Image 005

  • Testing\docProps
  • Testing\word
  • Testing\[Content_Types].xml
  • Testing\_rels
  • Testing\docProps\app.xml
  • Testing\docProps\core.xml
  • Testing\word\document.xml
  • Testing\word\fontTable.xml
  • Testing\word\settings.xml
  • Testing\word\styles.xml
  • Testing\word\theme
  • Testing\word\webSettings.xml
  • Testing\word\_rels
  • Testing\word\theme\theme1.xml
  • Testing\word\_rels\document.xml.rels
  • Testing\_rels\.rels

In Testing\word\document.xml, it would the content of Testing.docx

Image 006

The Difference between Text File and Word Document File

Text File: it is a sequence of lines of electronic text.

Word Document File: It contain more text formatting information (such as script, undo).

Windows – Technology For Application Development

To build a new application, the first decision is whether to use Win32 and COM API or .Net. Both options can let you create desktop app. The major difference is as below.


.Net High Productive
Win32 and COM API High Performance


Technology for Window Desktop Application Development

Win32 and COM Build desktop applications and services using the core Windows APIs to leverage the performance and flexibility of the operating system.
.NET Build and run the next generation of desktop applications and XML web services with this comprehensive and consistent programming model.
WPF Create desktop and browser-hosted applications using a resolution-independent, vector-based engine to take advantage of modern graphics hardware.
Azure Build, deploy, and manage applications and PaaS/IaaS services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Operating System Overview


Operating System (OS) is software that manages hardware and software and provides services. It acts intermediary between hardware and program.

Common Feature

  • Process Management
  • Interrupts
  • Memory Management
  • File System
  • Device Driver
  • Networking
  • Security
  • I/O




It provides basic control over hardware device.

  • Program execution
  • Interrupts
  • Modes
  • Memory management
  • Virtual Memory
  • Multitasking
  • Device access and file system
  • Device driver