Why Information System

Why must invest in Information Technology

  • Operational Excellence (Streamline and Automated Operation)
  • New Product and Business Model (Reach more potential customer (Social Media and Web 2.0 User Generated Content))
  • Improved Decision Making (Data Mining)
  • Day to day Survival
    • make job as easy as possible. e.g. ATM
    • e-Shopping Business, e-Commerce Business


  • Competitive Advantage
  • Customer and Supplier Intimacy
    • Better Service
    • To create good relationship between them




Best practice for Business Analyst by OGCIO – Part 1

From: http://www.ogcio.gov.hk/en/infrastructure/methodology/system_development/doc/Best_Practices_for_Business_Analyst.pdf


Role of Business Analyst

BA serves as the bridge between the business users and the technical IT people.

The BA role is often taken up (partially or fully) by SA or user coordinators.


Difference among Business Analyst (BA), System Analyst (SA), User Assurance Coordinators (UAC) and Business Assurance Coordinators (BAC)

Position Member of IT project organisation Member of IT project team Member of PAT Member of PAT
Reporting to Project Owner, PSC, PAT or PM PM PSC PSC
Main Responsibility Liaise between end-user side and IT side, facilitate the elicitation and analysis of requirements Perform system analysis and design, implementation, testing and data conversion Ensure user requirements are properly specified Ensure that business issues arising during the project are properly managed


Major Responsibility of BA

  1. Contribute to the Development of Business Case
  2. Facilitate the Elicitation and Analysis of Requirements
  3. Assess Proposed System Option and Organisation Readiness for System Implementation
  4. Plan and Monitor the Business Analysis Activities







Branching and Tagging



Branch is a development line separated from the trunk. As soon as the new feature is stable enough then the development branch is merged back into the main branch (trunk).


Tag is a point of time on branch or truck to be preserved. It could be used for a most stable point or major release of a software.